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Some important facilities and resourcesat mentor Institute are:

     PCR &RT-PCR


     Facs Calibur

     AutomaticCell Counter

     FullyAutomatic Auto-Analyzer

     AutomaticTissue Processor

     Florescent microscope


     X-ray Diffraction(machine)


     Cold Room

     LiquidNitrogenSystem, etc.

Library & lnformation centre

Well equipped library with automation system as well as broadband and ISDN internet connectivity for several nodes to all the laboratories and departments. Excellent facilities with good no. of journals and equipped with modern gadgets for literature collection and online access to the "Science direct".

Animal House

Establishment Under Process.

Laboratories Facilities

The well designed laboratories are available for the students with the necessary infrastructures.
The Laboratory For Pharmacology & Toxicology Department is Under Process.

Computational Facilities

Computational centre are present with all modern gadgets including various major software packages. Beside this Seminar hall and auditorium are equipped with modern gadgets for conducting seminars and conferences are available for use for the NIPER programmes.