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Department Of Biotechnology

Amalgamation of Biology and Technology is Biotechnology, a fast growing and evolving field in Science. The world of Biotechnology is changing rapidly and dynamically. To accommodate the students for this competitive field of science, the curriculum and syllabi is crafted accordingly. Biotechnology has application in almost every field of our life including medicine, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agriculture, environmental sciences, eco-friendly energy generation etc. Right from understanding the cause of disease, host pathogen interaction, progression of disease, immune system of human body, to drug discovery and drug development, biotechnology has important roles to play.
The Department of Biotechnology at NIPER, Hajipur was founded in 2007 with a vision to be recognized as an academic department of international reputation and to offer cutting edge, inter-disciplinary and most-sought after courses in Biotechnology. The department has ever since demonstrated an unfailing commitment towards research and man-power development in frontier areas of integrative biology. The Department offers M.S. (Pharm.), Ph.D., and Postdoctoral research programs. The duration of M.S. (Pharm) is of four semesters out of which the last two semesters are dedicated exclusively for research project. Subjects offered in first and second semesters include Microbial Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals, Separation Technique, Microbiology, Analysis; Diagnostics and Cell based Screening, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Immunotechnology, Sequence Analysis, Recombinant DNA Technology and Laboratory Experience in Specialized Area. This programme covers the wide range of subjects that are important for preparing the students and enhancing their competence towards the needs of growing Pharmaceutical industry in India.
The Department has been recognized as a centre of eminence in the research areas of infectious diseases, epigenetics, drug and vaccine development etc. At present three independent research groups are active at the department. The department comprises of faculty having Ph.D. from prestigious laboratories and extensive postdoctoral research experience from foreign laboratories of international repute. The Department actively participates in several national/international seminars and training programs. NIPER Hajipur receives students from all corners of the country. Our ex- students are doing well in different sectors of the pharma industries including research and development, quality control, production, marketing etc. as well as in higher education and research. They are encouraged to participate in workshops and conferences at national and international levels. All the students present seminars and progress reports on regular basis. Several of our students are doing Ph.D. in various prestigious laboratories in India and abroad.

Vision and Mission of the Department:

  • To create novel technologies that improve the human condition by optimizing opportunities for further training and a successful transition to a career in the biotechnology and life sciences.
  • To provide a quality education in pursuit of knowledge, that establishes a strong foundation for understanding developments in the rapidly advancing field of biotechnology with the development of new biochemical technologies and therapies through research and education.
  • To provide the nation with highly trained professional who are able to implement the scientific principles to the continuous improvement of the safe, quality and value biotechnological services and products.